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Executive Summary

I have over 12 years of diverse industry experience and presently I am working as Principal Product Architect at Advance Engineering Unit at Infosys Ltd. In present role, I am responsible for evaluating key technological bets for Infosys. My day to day work involve on delivering high quality and massive scale cloud products where the key is to build robust, cloud-native platforms and applications through rapid and continuous iterations. I am seasoned Java professional with depth knowledge of enterprise design.


Work Skills.


01. Professional Experience.

Principal Product Architect
Advance Engineering Group, Infosys Ltd,Bangalore.

02. Teaching Experience.

Taught a course on Android at IIITDM Jabalpur, MP, India, Dec 2015.
Taught a course on Cloud computing at IIITDM Jabalpur, MP, India.
Taught a course on Design of Modular Software System at IIITDM Jabalpur, MP, India.
Tutor for Hadoop at IIIT Bangalore.




Master of Science (by research)
Information Technology

Bachelor of Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering

International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.
July 2010 – November 2012

BVB College of Engg. & Tech, Hubli.



01. Operating Systems.

GNU/Linux, Windows 7, 8.1, 10

02. Java Technologies.

Microservice using Netflix Stack, Spring, Java,REST, Servlet/JSP, Eclipse Plugins, Lucene,Solr, Elastic Search, AppEngine, Hadoop, Guice,
Apache JDO, Spring

03. DBMS.

MySql, Cassandra, Apache Derby

04. Web Technologies.

Angular 2/4/5, GWT, HTML5, TypeScript,JavaScript

05. Version Control System.

SVN, CVS, GIT, Mercurial

Distinct Contribution.

Distinct Contribution.

One among the finalists for WWW 2011 workshop. Our entry CodeEdit is an online platform for Java Editor with Code Completion feature. It is fully implemented using GWT. I am responsible for architecting the same.
Team Members: Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju M., Susan George

Granted Patent

Granted Patent

Granted Patent

1. “Structural Search of Source Code”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju Muddu, Jeena Vinod, Krishnakumar Pooloth. US Patent No. 9009664
2. “Online integrated development environment with code assist”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju Muddu, Susan George. US Patent No. 8869097
3. “System and Method for Dynamically Creating Machine Images for Instantiating Virtual Machines”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Basavaraju Muddu. US Patent No. 8881146
4. “System and Method for Plagiarism detecting Plagiarism in Software Code and Devices Thereof”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju Muddu, Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Vasudev Bhat, Ilan Stern. US Patent No. 9207915
5. “Technique for plagiarism detection in program source code files based on design pattern”, Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah, Basava Raju Muddu, Vasudev D. Bhat
6. “Facet Support, Clustering for Code Query Results”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju Muddu, Susan George. US Patent No. 9348894
7. “Assessing Modularity of a Program Written in Object Oriented Language”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Basavaraju Muddu. US Patent No. 9760369
8. “Systems And Methods for Effective Selection of Disparate Distributed Power Sources for Smart Grid”, Allahbaksh Asadullah, Sunil Kumar Vuppula. US Patent No. 9599976

Pending Patents

1. Patent Applied for: “System and Method for Creating Gamification Framework”, Allahbaksh Mohammedali Asadullah, Nikita Jain, Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Basavaraju Mudu



1. At Eclipse Summit, Bangalore, India on Generating Spring, Angular 4 application in Jiffy, 29 July 2017.
2. At Eclipse Summit, Bangalore, India on Java 9 Core features, 25-27 August 2016.
3. At Eclipse India Day, Bangalore, India on Java 8 Core features, 29 August 2015.
4. At Google Technology User Group (GTUG), Belgaum, India on HTML5 and Introduction to GWT, 16 February 2013.
5. At Google Technology User Group (GTUG), Dharward, India, on Android and Chrome Extensions, 10 November 2012.
6. At GTUG, Dharward, India, on Web 2.0 and HTML5, 24 March 2012.
7. At GTUG, Dubai, on Google Web Technology, July 2011.
8. At 2nd Indic Thread Cloud Computing conference on Map Reduce, 3-4 June 2011.
9. At Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore, on HTML5 with GWT and architecting for performance with GWT, 20-21 April 2011.
10. At ACM Compute on HTML5 organized by ACM Bangalore on 25-26 March 2011.
11. At RIA workshop organized by ACM Bangalore on Google Web Toolkit 2.1 features on 12 June 2010.
12. At Indic Thread Java Conference on GWT Internals, Tips and Tricks, 9-10 Dec 2009, Pune.
13. At Indic Thread Java Conference on Lucene (A Full Text Search Library), 9-10 Dec 2009, Pune.
14. At Dev Camp 2009 organized by Thought Works Bangalore on GWT Deferred Binding and GWT compiler
15. At BarCamp Bangalore 2008 on Google Web Toolkit.
Other Activities

Other Activities.

Other Activities

1. Part Infosys Technical Leadership team and strategic team.

2. Selected for Infosys Leadership and represented Infosys Labs (in below 30 year category) in annual strategic meet of Infosys “STRAP” at Infosys Mysore.

3. Best InStep Project Mentor Award Infosys Ltd. 2016.

4. Best Innovator Award, SETLabs Infosys,for Quarter 1, 2010 – 2011.

5. Best InStep Project Mentor Award Infosys Ltd 2011.

6. Mentored interns from different geographic locations.

7. Part of Infosys Protege and other internship recruitment panel.

8. Organized BarCamp Hubli on July 12 2008

9. I led the team of four to send Business Idea to Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE , IIM – Ahmedabad)in which we reached interview stage.





“Dr. Srinivas Padmanbhuni,CTO City Mandi,1700, 19th Main Rd,Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102.
Email: spadmanabhuni@gmail.com”
Dr. Srinivas Padmanbhuni


“Basavaraju Mudu, Principal Engineer @ Dell 12/1, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Challaghatta, Bangalore 560071.
Email: basavaraju.m@gmail.com”

Basavaraju Mudu